Bakery Trays & Dollies

The things that matter most to you also matter to us.

Monoflo bakery products can help your baking operation flourish. New sizes, tagging options and evolving features, have enabled us to grow alongside our baking industry clients. Let our knowledgeable sales and design engineers help solve your complex situations, from improving performance through automation to increasing capacity with innovative designs that maximize tray cube utilization.

Monoflo’s bakery trays and dollies are made to store, transport and protect delicate baked goods. Our trays are available in multiple footprints and are completely compatible with other trays in circulation.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% compatibility with industry-standard automation and existing trays for seamless integration
  • Generous inside radius and smooth surfaces protect against bag snag
  • Reinforced foot and wear box provide increased stability during stack conveyance
  • Made using FDA-approved materials
  • Customizable with colors and logo applications
  • 100% recyclable
All Monoflo products are proudly Manufactured in America